Cooking with Marijuana

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Cannabis As Food

What is Cannabis and What are Cannabis Seeds?

Cannabis is a type of drug that people use for relaxation of their bodies and it is made from plants known as Cannabis Sativa. Most people do not know Cannabis by its actual name; instead they recognize it from names such as marijuana, mary jane, weed, hashish and many others. Cannabis has three forms - one is cannabis indica, second is cannabis sativa and the third is cannabis ruderalis. Hemp Seeds are the seeds of this plant. When sowed in the soil and given suitable conditions, they grow into beautiful cannabis plants that are used for variety of purposes.

The use of Cannabis is illegal in lots of countries especially in United States of America. The government states that people misuse this drug and then get involved in illegal activities that provide harm to others or to the property of their country. In this country, no one is allowed to consume cannabis unless he or she has got the prescription from a doctor. However, most states are now fighting in courts for the legalization of cannabis so that more people can gain from the wonderful benefits of this plant.

Where do they come from?

Cannabis is a plant usually grown in the countries situated in South and Southeast Asia. From the written text, it was found that cannabis was used by Chinese Emperor Shen Nung during 2727 B.C. The Ancient Romans and Greeks had also used cannabis in one way or the other. However, in the Middle East, the use of this plant spread during the Islamic rule up to North Africa. During 1500s, cannabis started being exported to western nations such as Spain, Chile and many others.

Cannabis or marijuana plants are grown in humid and tropical regions of the world such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and some parts of China. However, from these countries, the weed seeds are exported to different countries, especially those situated in Europe and America. You can easily buy marijuana seeds from sensi seeds and nirvana shop who are the biggest online retailers of cannabis.

Uses of Cannabis seeds and cannabis

Since 10,000 years, Chinese had been using cannabis in making hemp fiber used in clothes. Besides that, they had also been using it in the food of animals and for various industrial purposes. Chinese doctors also used this plant to make drugs for various patients with symptoms such as nausea and anxiety.

Industrial Use

The cannabis plant grows in abundance. Its leaves, seeds, flowers, as well stems all are used for various purposes. The cannabis plants grown for industries are called industrial weed or hemp. Hemp can be used in making fiber, ropes and paper. On the other hand, the marijuana seeds are used to make food, oil as well as cosmetic products.

Medical Use

Marijuana seeds or the marijuana plants have tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is a chemical that relaxes the nervous system; that is why it is used in several medicated and recreational drugs. These drugs help in reducing nausea and increasing appetite in patients with HIV, cancer, etc. In addition to that, THC containing medicines also help in relieving swelling, redness and alleviated pain.

Now scientists and researchers are conducting studies to develop medicines that may help in treating the following medical conditions:
1. Substance abuse
2. Autoimmune diseases
3. Mental disorder
4. Inflammation
5. Physical and Psychological Pain

Healthy Benefits and Effects of Cannabis/Marijuana/Weed seeds

The cannabis seeds are known are blessed with amazing properties that benefit human health. They have vital fatty acids as well as vital amino acids that fulfill human being’s nutritional needs.

Amino acids are the building blocks of life. In plants and animals, amino acids are present in the form of chain known as protein. The protein chain contains eight amino acids; from these six are made naturally by our bodies and two are needed from outside sources. If the person does not get all of these amino acids in sufficient quantities, then that person can even die. Cannabis seeds besides flax seeds are the only seeds that contain these amino acids and that too, in sufficient amount. In fact, cannabis seeds are the only seeds in plant kingdom that contain globulin edistin up to 65%.

In addition to the marijuana seeds also contain antibodies. Antibodies are globulin proteins that our bodies require to defend against harmful infections and bacteria. These antibodies flow in our veins with the blood to fight all the harmful infectious diseases that could provide us damage. Marijuana seeds are the only seeds in the plant kingdom that contain antibodies and in the right amount to be beneficial for our systems.

Cannabis is also known to relieve pain and give ease to the nervous system of people who have suffered from chronic illnesses. Therefore, it is used in antidepressant drugs that give a feeling of relaxation, helps in sleeping and decrease anxiety.

In how many forms is it available?

There are several ways to consume cannabis. It can either be consumed from vaporizers, cigarette pipes, drinks or food.
1. Vaporizers
This is the most recommended way to consume marijuana. It is an alternative of smoking. Vaporizers are devices that burn cannabis plant in such a way that it only releases the beneficial gases instead of the harmful gases. When cannabis vapors get in our systems, they immediately show their effects and the person feels a lot better within small amount of time. Moreover, the effect lasts longer too.
2. Cigarette Pipes
This is the most common way to consume marijuana. Through cigarette pipes the person inhales the vapors of weed in order to get the effects immediately. However smoking is harmful and damages the respiratory system of the person.
3. Drinks
Most people have not heard it before, but marijuana is also consumed through drinks. Cannabis leaves along with the stems are mixed with water and either drunk as tea or soda. The drink is a little bit spicy and requires boiling for proper dissolving.
4. Food
Cannabis is also consumed through food. The food has slightly different effect on the person as compared to smoking or vaporizing. The effect of eating cannabis as food starts slowly and lasts for a lot longer. The effect makes the person light-headed and he or she may feel high. Moreover, it is beneficial for people who have severe body pain.

How to get Cannabis?

The distribution and purchasing of cannabis is illegal in the United States; however, slowing many states have legalized its distribution in controlled amounts. Soon the whole country will allow the consumption of this amazing plant because it has various wonderful benefits on humans.

In Europe, the scenario is slight different - in many European countries cannabis is consumed in controlled amounts openly and does their government does not impose restrictions on them anymore.

In Asia, it is available at really economical price because it is their native plant and grown in abundance. Over there it is mostly consumed through drinks and eaten while mixed with other herbs.

Cannabis is mostly available in form of seeds, raw plants, tea, and food items. Over the internet, you can easily buy marijuana seeds from sensi seeds and nirvana shop. These two are the best seeds shops operating since a long time. The owners of these shops are men who are dedicated towards spreading the benefits of cannabis all around the world.

How to make food from them?

Before making any food item that contains cannabis, you should know that the effect does not happen immediately. It may take one or two hours for the cannabis food to make an impact on you. Hence, eating large amounts of cannabis food can make your condition worse instead of making quicker impact on you.

As far as the dosage is concerned, there are no guidelines that say how much amount will work on you. However, you should always start by consuming small amount and see the impact of it on you.

Cannabis can be mixed with cake batter, meat stews, cookies, milkshakes, as well as flavored yogurt. The main point is that it needs to be mixed in any food item that contains vegetable or animal fat.

The most appropriate way to add cannabis in food is to grind the cannabis and turn it into powdered form. Now add it in hot oil (for a gram of cannabis one teaspoon of oil is enough) and stir so that it dissolves in the fat. Then add this mixture in any food item you are preparing. Asian people dissolve cannabis in ghee (saturated fat) which is widely available in Asia. So if there is ghee available in your area, then use it to dissolve cannabis.

If you are making any food item in pieces such as the cupcakes then add equal amounts of cannabis in each cupcake. On the other hand, you can also easily purchase cannabis food items from bakeries. The most common type of food items available in the bakeries are cakes, biscuits, jelly, honey, bbq sauce, Jelly, caramel popcorns and many others.

Cooking with marijuana

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